[SOLVED] Hi wondering can I start the Framework 16 laptop with only secondary storage installed?

If there is no primary storage, only the secondary storage installed?

Sorry if this dump question was already answered before.

Heya - yep, clicking the info box for storage while configuring says that the FW16 can boot from either storage slot, and so both are optional.

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Thanks a lot for clarification, much appreciated!

If by secondary storage you mean the 2230 slot; you will want to update the BIOS to the newest version before you do this. Otherwise, there is a chance it will not show up on reboot. Hard shutdowns should go through a full POST and it will show up again.

It was noted in the latest BIOS for FW16 that this issue was addressed.

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Thank you. Yes I mean the 2230 slot exactly. Awesome!

Mine boots exclusively from the 2230 drive, no problems so far, I imagine it would be the same without a drive in the 2280 slot too.

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