What is the best way to create custom layout

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Thanks for clicking on this topic what is the best way to create a custom layout, my approach is buying blank keyboard so I can create English/Arabic layout how to do it ? I would like to have back-lite working for Arabic so stickers are not an option .

I don’t know if it’s the best solution, but (semi)transparent stickers should work.


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You could buy the transparent keyboard, then light could shine through stickers. If I recall, these stickers advertise that they let light shine though

Now, since the keys on the transparent keyboard are completely transparent, you will also have light around the edges, but that’s hard to avoid. If you are very good at DIY projects you could maybe scrape off the black coating from a normal keyboard, leaving the edges black. That would be a lot of work. This person scraped off the black coating on one of his keys: 3D printed Covers for repairing Keys that are missing paint
But beware, Framework warns that you can break the keys if you attempt to remove the keycaps! Some have done it successfully, but I also recall mention of breaking the clips on several keys.