Blank RGB keyboard key layout for stickers?

Can anyone confirm if the blank RGB keyboard has the exact same dimensions as the English RGB keyboard listed here posted by @Matt_Hartley ?

For those of us who will be ordering stickers for it, this information would be good to know. Also, does it have the homing bumps on the F,J,5(numpad) keys like most keyboards do?

I don’t think that there has been any official confirmation about this, but assuming it is the same as the clear keyboards for the Framework Laptop 13, I would say yes, it will match that layout. As for the homing bumps, I haven’t been able to tell from any pictures online, but the blank black keyboard DOES have homing bumps, so I would guess the clear one would too? Hopefully someone who has the clear keyboard can share the answer.

I have the clear keyboard for the 13 and yes, it does have homing bumps.