Request- RGB Numpad with numpad keycaps

I appreciate the numpad options at all, that said, I held off on a numpad because the only options appear to be the white back light numpad or the rgb macropad without key caps.

I know I can get stickers for the rgb macropad, but I know A) It won’t look like the keyboards keys, and B) they’ll look like stickers.

So yeah, hoping to see an RGB numpad at some point going forward that looks good with the rgb keyboard. Am I alone in this?


Same, would be nice.

QMK is a relatively expensive “maybe” that looks a bit off, unless you have a special reason in mind. Cool! But a bit… maybe.

Meanwhile, the non-US KB crowd are like “RGB? What about us?!” lol

Note that every Framework-16 keyboard is QMK, including the main keyboard, macropad, and regular numpad. If it has keys, it’s QMK.

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