Bluetooth keyboard connections quickly dropped

I’m on Windows 11, with a latest-generation AMD Ryzen 7 13-inch model (acquired April 2024); 3.05 BIOS and the latest driver bundle.

Using the built-in Bluetooth, I’m able to pair Bluetooth keyboards — but the pairing gets dropped after a few seconds. I’ve tried with a couple of different keyboards and the result is the same. I set the keyboard to pairing mode, add it as a Bluetooth device, type the numeric code on the Bluetooth keyboard and hit enter, and pairing is successful — but it doesn’t stay paired for long, and I have to delete the keyboard, re-pair it (entering a new security code), and … then it drops the connection quickly again.

Anyone else have this problem? For the time being, I’ve disabled the built-in RZ616 Bluetooth adapter in the device manager and am using an external USB Bluetooth adapter instead — which works fine; the pairing holds. But obviously the internal adapter should work, too — and it doesn’t.

Many thanks!


There is always the option to just drop in an ax210 but I do agree the mediatek should work.

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Excellent thought, Adrian. Thank you! Is there any downside to using the ax210 instead of the default, as-shipped adapter?

Biggest one is probably that you’ll have to deal with those cursed antenna connectors.

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