Boot loop and unresponsiveness after maintenance

Hello! Ive had this laptop with the 1135-G7 mainboard for about 6 months now. After taking the keyboard off for some maintenance (installed a fingerprint sensor ) the laptop will not stay on for more than 5 minutes and ends up boot looping and becoming unresponsive, I thought it was something with the chassis intrusion since it seems to run perfectly fine with the keyboard removed but still plugged in. has anybody else run into this problem? ive been troubleshooting this on my own through forums and the discord server but it hasnt helped too much. any replies appreciated!

Kind of sounds like a grounding issue, or maybe a electrical connectivity thing?

Could you explain what you mean by installing a fingerprint reader? Do you mean you replaced a broken one with a new one?

i replaced the stock power button with the
fingerprint reader sold from the marketplace

Try unplugging the flex cable that connects the palmrest (keyboard, touchpad, pwr btn) to the motherboard. Try to eliminate the new part as a suspect

@Raxtus3106 - the stock power button on the non-chromebook models is a fingerprint reader. If you have the chromebook edition, the fingerprint reader is not compatible. I am surprised that it is doing more than simply not working as a fingerprint reader, but it may be worth the time to swap back in the other module and see if the issues cease. Good luck!

oh shoot i had no idea XD guess i have 2 now

it still does it if the flex cable is removed and the keyboard is in place on the magnets

i just reswapped the stock one back in and it in not a fingerprint sensor

@Raxtus3106 - what OS are you running, and what are the specs of the machine? The chromebook editions have a power button but that does not incorporate a fingerprint sensor. The others come with a fingerprint sensor embedded in the power button.

windows 11 16gb ram i5 1135-g7, it has run perfectly fine for the past 8 months until recently

Since it was running fine prior to the changes, I would start by checking all connections - fingerprint sensor/power button, keyboard, touchpad, ram, nvme, and so on. I’d also see if there is anything in event viewer indicating why the machine is power cycling. Hopefully you are able to get to the bottom of it.

i just finished doing a full tear down on it to fix any grounding issues and i reapplied the thermal paste to help any temp/ pressure issues on the die. so far its staying up but fingers crossed

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All 11th gen laptops ship with a power button that is also a finger print reader. If yours is not getting found by the system, you likely had a defective part to begin with. Before you bought a new part, you really should have contacted support, as they would have been able to get you a replacement for free. That being said, If your current troubleshooting and fixing of the grounding doesn’t end up working, I would highly recommend that you send a message to support anyway, so they can help you with more advanced troubleshooting.


Just replaced the stock one back in on my phone and it isn’t a fingerprint sensor. I don’t know what is wrong with it.