Boot Manager not working

I have just received my laptop and I have all the hardware installed correctly but at the moment I have been having problems with doing a fresh install of windows as the Boot Manager is not picking up my memory stick.

I have made sure that the memory stick has been formatted to FAT32 and the correct Windows OS has been downloaded to the stick but at the moment I can’t even do anything to get the laptop to recognise the memory stick and I can’t do anything in the Boot manager.

Dose anyone know how to fix this problem?


Toggle Secure Boot off for the moment (re-enable it once you install Windows) and make sure the USB Boot setting (something like that) is enabled. And then try to install Windows


I experienced this same issue last year while installing Windows 10 using the .iso from Microsoft’s website on a known-good USB drive. For some unknown reason writing the .iso file directly to the flashdrive would not work. I resolved the issue by using Microsoft’s official “Media Creation Tool” on another Windows machine.

Try using Microsoft’s official tool available here: Download Windows 11


Thank you guys for helping. I have managed to figure out what the probelm was.

I just didn’t run the downloaded Windows tool on the original computer. I just assumed that downloading it and puting it on the USB was sufficient. But found out that this wasnt the case.

Thank you for the help