Support EMail Issue

I sent in a support ticket through the web page back on 5/23 and have sent 2 or 3 replies, though I’ve not received any response to those nor any indication that they were received. I suspect a similar problem to what happened here-

-is interfering, so I figured I’d try here as an alternate mode of communication. Issue in question is that all but the top 1/5th of the LCD panel will, once every 2-3 seconds, produce horizontal lines and tear the image, flickering like an old CRT between each line-and-tear.

Testing I have done:
It still happens in the BIOS
It doesn’t happen to an external display

Things I have done so far to try to fix it:
Reseat the LCD cable at the motherboard
Reseat the LCD cable at the panel
Unplug the battery, hold the power button for about a minute, reconnect the battery
Changing the screen resolution 10-15 times

Still doing it, but it seems fine in all other regards.

EDIT: For clarification, I’d rather fix it, don’t want to return it.

Yeah, it sounds like there is an issue with the display. Contacting support is absolutely the correct course of action. With the announcement and launch of 12th gen models it has been very busy for the team.

The support staff all take their responsibilities very seriously and don’t want to forget anyone. I’ll make sure they see this.


Hi @simplesystem,

We’re sorry that you experienced this issue. I’ve sent you a personal message. Need some of your personal information so we can check in our system. We make sure that we respond to our tickets through our support channel and we really take seriously this kind of issue. Don’t worry we are here to help and we are more than happy to assist you.

Thank you and have a great day!

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