Bricked USB-A ports AMD Framework 13

I’ve observed some less than desirable behaviour in my AMD Framework 13’s bottom 2 USB-A ports. It seems they are able to connect an external SSD, and a usb thumb drive without issue, but as soon as I hook up my mouse or keyboard they start bugging out. Initially these devices will connect, but then they start to flicker in and out of connection until they stop working entirely. After that, none of my devices will connect to the port at all, including the previously working thumb drive and external SSD. The only way to reset this so that thumb drive and external SSD start working again is to disconnect the removable ports entirely, then plug them in again.

Additionally, its worth mentioning that the top two USB-C ports will not connect to the keyboard and mouse either, but don’t stop working after I attempted plugging them in like with the other ports.

Any idea what’s going on? Latest BIOS, latest driver package all installed.

I would recommend reaching out to support as they’ll have instructions on how to perform a mainboard reset which may address your issues.