Budget Framework laptop 2 in 1 varient with AMD RDNA APU

I am waiting for Framework to launch in India with hope though it doesn’t seem to be happening soon but I am optimistic. I just need a 2 in 1 framework laptop with 360° hinge, Touch screen and also AMD RDNA Apu. It will be a dream come true for me. I know it’s not easy engineering but I feel it’s possible if they redesign hinge mechanism and gave a touchscreen support. I just wish it happens. I am saving money since framework is found. I hope my money will get chance to be utilised well.


So you want them to make a completely different device to what they’re currently making?


Hi @The_Eternal and welcome to the forum.

You may well have saved a lot before ‘your dream’ comes true but dreams are the past. To materialise them does cost, maybe you will find comfort in the here for now

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No. 2 in 1 is not completely different. Just 360° hinge and touch display, nothing else. Also I am talking about future. U may know Framework laptop is their first gen design and they are gonna make new designs in upcoming years.

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Namaste @amoun Yes I hope my dream comes true so that I could get a framework without a second thought. :om:

@amoun I didn’t get “Dreams are past” I am ignoring all laptops in India just because I need a repairable, upgradable RDNA laptop because I love gaming too and I don’t afford any gaming laptop.

Once plans have been made then the path is laid and there really in no ‘new’ future.

So whereas dreams may come true they are just the future replicating past thoughts.

I was alluding to the notion that the ‘dream’ of the joy of full consciousness is not a future event and cannot happen, and cannot happen by design. It’s more a letting go of expectations, maybe more of a Buddhist idea than those of any Hindu, Muslim and Judaeo-Christian idea that a better future is what we strive for.

But on the laptop front I’m sure it’s on it’s way to the consumer ‘heaven’ :slight_smile:

Note The Eternal can not be a consumer.

I still didn’t get main point. But as u said dreams are past and don’t actually come true. Yeah that’s true but that’s the point of having dreams. It won’t happen exactly how we think but that doesn’t mean we should not dream. Ye it’s originally hindu concept of Karma where u don’t have to think About fruits but work towards it with full focus on work. But that doesn’t make u stop dreaming. It’s good thing not to expect future as we want but dreaming about good future is not a problem if u r not attached with it. I guess :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:. I am in need of a good laptop. And the best one for me will be a framework with AMD RdA APU and 2in1 form factor. I hope i will get it or I will have to buy other alternatives from Asus or acer probably unfortunately.

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I’m slightly late to this thread but, at least on the processor front, I’ve mentioned elsewhere on this forum that there’s been a persisting rumor of a 12nm 4core Zen3+RDNA2 budget APU codenamed “Monet” that is supposedly launching later this year, my guess as updated “Athlon” chips along-side Zen4-based Ryzen 7000 chips.

Of course, the Framework laptop by its nature relies heavily on the presence of USB4 and/or Thunderbolt3, and that was only introduced at a SOC-level for AMD processors with Zen3+ (not Zen3) on Ryzen 6000 (there have been some desktop AM4 motherboards with Thunderbolt3 but they all relied on separate Thunderbolt controllers built right into the motherboard itself).

So we will have to wait and see what happens with regards to USB4/Thunderbolt3 support on this “Monet” APU.


Apologies for the double-post but AMD just announced their budget mobile-focused 6nm “Mendocino” 4core Zen2+RDNA2 APU which basically looks to just be a die-shrink of their existing 7nm “Van Gogh” 4core Zen2+RDNA2 APU used in the Steam Deck.

This does make me wonder if “Monet” is going to exclusively be a desktop product (e.g. mobile Athlon will be “Mendocino” while desktop Athlon will be “Monet”) or if “Monet” was straight-up shelved in favor of “Mendocino”.

So while Zen2 isn’t as good as Zen3, it only being a quad-core does mean that a good chunk of Zen3’s benefit of a unified L3 cache isn’t even actually taken advantage of (see also: the reviews of the Ryzen 3300X vs the Ryzen 3100).

Nevertheless, we still have the ever-present question of USB4 support (heck, USB4 wasn’t even mentioned with regards to full-fat desktop Ryzen 7000!).

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Apologies for the triple post but newer information is pointing towards “Mendocino” actually being moderately different silicon in that it may in fact only have 2 compute units for the iGPU while “Van Gogh” has 8 compute units for the iGPU.

In other words, you’d be probably be looking at performance more comparable to the desktop Sky/Kaby/Coffee Lake Intel iGPU(s), though possibly still a little bit better (maybe iGPU performance more akin to desktop Rocket Lake?) since even the Vega 3 iGPU in the Zen1-based desktop Athlon chips is a little bit faster than the desktop Sky/Kaby/Coffee Lake Intel iGPU(s), and RDNA2 not only performs better-per-CU than APU-based Vega but also clocks higher (the 6nm node would especially help with clockrate headroom - see also the 6nm 6500XT).

Also, USB4 has since at least been mentioned by board manufacturer(s?) for desktop AM5 / Ryzen 7000 but apparently is not completely integrated and still requires additional chip(s) on the board… which is interesting compared to the integrated USB4 on the (currently?) mobile-only Ryzen 6000.

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Thanx for elaborate reply I really appreciate it. I don’t have a clue about AMD version of framework laptop and I think it is because of some deal with Intel. I just need to know if they are planning anything inside for AMD lovers