Open Lid power on Action

Could we add a feature in the bios firmware that causes the system to power on when the lid is opened?

This would make resuming from hibernation very similar to standby and have the benefit of not needing a power button press each time the computer is to be used again, there by minimizing wear and tear on a critical piece of the hardware.


I second this feature request.

I’m not specifically sure, but I know that when I asked I was told there is a mechanism which the bios is able to get signals from. Every Thinkpad I’ve owned has been able to do this.

However, if Framework says the hardware necessary is not present, it isn’t a big deal to me.

For the record Thinkpad do not turn on when lifting the lid if the computer was shutdown normally. It only works if the computer was hibernated.

This would be cool, but obviously not a dealbreaker. Unlike Thinkpads, you can replace the power button when it gets worn out anyway



With that point holding true, this really just becomes a matter of convenience or an OCD tick.

But to digress a little, nothing prevents waste like a product that doesn’t break. A power button that doesn’t break because it isn’t used so routinely has a better chance of that eventuality. :+1:

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On my old Dell XPS 13, there was such a setting which worked even if the laptop was on normal shutdown. It was useful.

What I would prefer even more is the ability for the power button to ‘cache’ the fingerprint used to power on the computer so that you don’t have to use the fingerprint to unlock when the laptop has finished powering up. My wife’s Huawei Matebook does that.

The power on open lid is in a lot of laptops and definitely achievable, but from what I see on the internet a lot of people seem to hate that because they just want to check if the laptop is fully shut down but opening the lid just turns it back up, or something else I dunno it doesnt affect me that much. As long as there is an option (like with anything) to turn the feature on and off when its added its fine by me,

@2disbetter right now the lid open sensor is driven off a power rail that is shut down when the system is off and no AC present, so this would not be possible. But it is an interesting idea!


Hmm, if the built-in hardware switch is disabled… Maybe a USB power on signal could be driven from an expansion card, with a “wake” signal sent if it detects the lid opening? You could maybe use a hall effect sensor and stick a small magnet behind the bezel?

I would love for this to be an option, maybe in the bios? It’s a relatively minor feature, but it would be very nice to be able to just open the laptop and have it be waiting at the lock screen in seconds.

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I have 11th and 12th gen i5 original laptops. Where is the lid-open sensor (which allows wake from Sleep) located, please? (I took some high-res pics of the board during my inspection on delivery.)

I just wanted to add a +1 for this as well. Happy with my AMD machine, and would love to have suspend-then-hibernate functionality without the use of the power switch.

It’s a minor thing, but would be super cool!

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Also add +1 for open lid turn on. Small thing but brings the laptop to (yet) another level.