Change location of magnets

Opening the laptop for standard use is sometimes a bit annoying because of the magnets. When the underground is sliding easily like a fabric, it is quite difficult to open the laptop. I think its because the magnets stick quite well together.

Is it possible to take the magnets out and place them in another location?

Disclaimer: Carrying out what I’ve described below will most likely void your warranty — proceed with caution!

Follow the Framework guides to disassemble the keyboard cover and you’ll the see the magnets exposed. I’m pretty sure they’re glued in place but you might be able to soften the glue with some careful application of a solvant and remove one or two to reduce the pull on the lid. Also keep in mind that one or more of those magnets are used to detect closing of the lid to put the laptop to sleep, so taking out the wrong magnet can disable that functionality.

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Thanks a lot for the reply and explanation!
About the warranty: If I break the keyboard cover functionality I only need to buy a new Keyboard cover kit, or do I probably lose the warranty of the whole laptop?

Maybe I’ll give it a try in the future but for now I will wait a bit. Maybe once I’ll try a new color for the keyboard cover, then I can experiment with the old one.

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Putting the magnets back should restore the functionality so it’s not something that is easy to break beyond repair.

Any modification that Framework hasn’t specifically provided guidance for (in this case, removing magnets), will most likely be considered unsupported and thus any damage incurring as a result won’t be covered under warranty (aka for free).

With that said, you’re right in that you can purchase and replace any damaged part from Framework no matter how the part was damaged.

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