Can it be used with an eGPU?

Hey, I was just wondering if this can be used with an eGPU?

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Now’s actually a great time to check in on @FaultedBeing and his own eGPU setup. Until he responds, the answer seems to be yes!

Yep! Using a Razer Core X and a 2060 super, after following @Fahad_Shaik ‘s advice here, I’ve had barely any issues and works really well!


Thank for the information guys!
Will definitely order one when they start opening orders to the UK :slight_smile:

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I’ve got a 2070 in the Sonnet eGPU 750ex working. Running Win 10 20H2.


This guy did it too & with benchmarks. The Framework Laptop with Dedicated Graphics! - YouTube
Looks like he used:
Razor Core X (thunderbolt 3 I think)
Gigabyte GTX 1660

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