Can this handle 3D modeling

Hi I’m thinking about buying a framework laptop and am wondering wether it can handle midrange games/3D modeling at all would appreciate the feedback thanks

It does appear to be able to do so, with some considerations.

The system as configured draws more power at max load than the power supply can provide, this means the system has to draw additional power from the battery. You will probably want to disable Turbo Frequencies. Midrange games will likely push the system more in this regard than 3D Modeling would, you are not planning on using it as your render farm right?

You probably want a cooling pad or other such device to ensure proper airflow in and out of the system. The clearance on the bottom side does not seem to be enough.

The battery may be somewhat smaller than many competitors. I can get eight hours out of the battery for casual use, but it may only be 2 hours under load.

I plan on mainly using it at home so it will be near the charger at all times. The games I plan I running on it are the portal series minecraft, good, terraria, and stuff like that also could you explain what you meant by turbo frequency’s. I plan on mainly using it to slice cura models as well as maybe editing some at times do you think it would be able to handle these things. Lastly what’s a render farm. I appreciate the help thanks

I design my expansion cards with my framework. Just with a mouse though.

I’ve done 3D modelling in Blender and Maya and played Minecraft on much weaker hardware just fine.
The minimum specs for Cura only require an Intel Core 2 to run, so the i5 should be more than enough for your needs.

One thing to note is that the display is very high resolution while the system only has integrated graphics, so you might want to stick to 1080p or lower for more demanding games.

Isn’t Software that requires ISV certified hardware considered “high end”?

Low End: Beginners, mods for legacy video games. 480p video editing and rendering.

Midrange: Video game modifications. Small independent film studio effects. Local advertisements. Web advertising. Computer Wallpapers. Graphic design. 1080p video editing and rendering.

High End: Prime Time TV quality rendering. AAA Video Game development. National advertising campaigns. 4K video editing and rendering.

Cutting Edge: Blockbuster films like Marvel, Star Wars, or Pixar. 8k+ video editing and rendering.

The Framework is not midrange for rendering full length projects, but for midrange development work, it should be fine.

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I’ve used my Framework extensively with Blender and Fusion 360. It worked without any problems at all.

Second reply in the the thread gives the background.

eGPUs are definitely high end apparatus. The goal of a midrange laptop is to avoid an eGPU. Which means that midrange laptops may run into performance issues with High DPI displays, as Minty_Root pointed out.

Cura models are similar to the models used in movies like Shrek, or Toy Story, or Avatar. The rendering process is similar to the 3D printing process Cura models seem to be used for.

A farm is a collection of computers which render (“print”) stills for movies, it can also be a collection of 3D printers which print Cura models in bulk.

It would be fine with an egpu. The iris graphics, I would concider the current weakness of the system most basic softwares for 3D print should work more advanced CAD tooling will probably run but would be better with an egpu. Hoping at some point in the future they add a dedicated chip for graphics on a future upgrade but honestly I can’t fault them the decision to go iris is probably the whole reason this was achiveable as a business plan. There have been a swaith of new laptop manufacturers with gen 11 as the chipset is very compact and versatile but so glad Framework is one of them. I have a gen 11 device at home but I really love what their trying to acheive so I went for it.

Don’t underestimate the current generation of Iris Xe. The Core i7-1165G7 has a surprising capable GPU.

1.3 GHz core clock, 96 execution units, OpenGL 4.6 support. One might be surprised what workflows can be done on the top tier Framework laptops.

It is not an RTX A5000 by any stretch, but it does compete with some earlier Quadros, and likely outperforms a Quadro 3600M from 2008.

P15 vs P17 looks like a screen size difference, and Lenovo makes it difficult to identify the base GPU they use on the P15s series. It really makes it look like your going off topic.

I think the P15s uses the T500.

I’m arguing that eGPUs and RTX A5000 cards are definitely high end 3D Modeling, for the general computing sphere.

I’d even argue that the T1200 cards are high end for the general computing sphere.

Doesn’t make it into the mid-range of what category of 3D Modeling? If you would be more specific with regards to the workflows, I might agree with you.

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Valuable discussion none-the-less. Strikes me as a consumer vs prosumer debate.

Moderate to High End consumer hardware is entry level prosumer hardware.

Good chatting with ya.

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