Can't do the new User Tutorial

So I obviously wanted to get the Badge for that, so I went back to the message from the discobot I received the first day I joined, but I couldn’t bookmark the message, because I have neither the icon for bookmarking the message nor the icon with the three dots …

Does anyone have an Idea what that could be about?

I went back to check mine. I don’t have the three-dots menu, but there is a “bookmark” icon – it’s further down from where you’ve highlighted, on the same line as “share,” “flag,” and “reply.” (Can’t do a screen-shot right now, sorry.)

Yeah, I also have a bookmark button for the whole conversation, but that unfortunately doesn’t work. Seems like you have to use the bookmark for the specific message.

The tutorials itself seems to work, because I could do the advanced tutorial.

Huh. No idea, sorry. I haven’t seen those icons on any message. :person_shrugging:

EDIT: correction, I just saw the three-dot item on this message, once I saved it. :confused:

EDIT 2: now that I go back to look at my earlier message, I see it there too. Maybe it’s only on messages that you yourself send?

On my own messages and posts I also have a three dot menu, but no bookmark icon.
Also the bot askes to press the bookmark icon on the message from the bot itself. :smile:
I also am very confused. But to be honest, it isn’t that important. I was just curious if anybody knew a quick answer.

Didn’t work for me either, when I tried it couple of weeks ago. But I stayed in the chat with the bot and after a while (couple of tries) it gave me an option to skip this step. Then I was able to proceed with the rest and finish. The advanced tutorial after that didn’t have any issues.


Awesome! Yeah, it seems like sending the bot two random messages gives you the option to send another message with “skip” to skip the task.

Thank you!