Three dots and reply button gone from posts

Are the three dots and reply button gone for anyone else? I have tried disabling Brave shields to no avail. I have to highlight part of a reply, click quote, and clear the message box as a workaround. I just got member privileges if that could be related. I can’t bookmark replies either, which is really inconvenient.

I can do all of these things also on Brave but members should be able to reply, that is just a basic thing for a forum after all

Everything looks good from the admin panel for you?

There was a Discourse security update the other day, on the 16th. I have not seen any issues related to that but I’ll bring this up.

Suggestion: clear cookies, clear cache, log in again?


@Fraoch Admin panel?

He is a mod, he was checking his admin panel to see if you had revoked privileges


Ah, I see, thanks. By the way, I did indeed logout, clear cookies and cache, and log back in. Unfortunately, it didn’t help.

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For me, it is the same

Any content/adblockers active? Sometimes they assume stuff is supposed to be hidden when it isn’t.