Will financing be available?

With preorders opening soon, will financing be available through a service such as Affirm or Klarna?

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Hi Ryan, that is something we plan to offer in the future, though not for the initial batch of pre-orders.


Is PayPal an imbeded option if so you can select PayPals pay in four option.

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Came down to write the same.
I ordered mine using PayPal Credit, which gave me 6-month financing w/o interest. Pretty useful! @Ryan_Porter see if you can use that.

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I don’t recall PayPal being an option when I ordered my laptop, but I could have missed it. Good to hear that it is useful for folks now, though!

Hey, I’m such a doof :man_facepalming: , there IS NO PAYPAL option. I confused this laptop with another major purchase I’ve done recently. My apologies!
My frame.work I’ve ordered with usual credit card.
I’d request the team to add Paypal credit as an option, because it’s super convenient and pretty reliable in my experience.

If you are really desperate to get a Framework but don’t have the funds, I believe Affirm has an option to get a short “loan” to pay back over time, and they fund a virtual or prepaid card that you then use at whatever site you need to make your purchase and then pay it off monthly.

i hope we can soon