Can't pass first reboot installing Win11 as dual boot

Hello, I installed Debian 12 just fine on my 13th gen Framework laptop 13, and trying to install Windows 11 on a 250GB partition i saved at the end of the internal nvme. I get through the usb part of the install fine, but right after that when it’s supposed to reboot to the main windows install process where it asks about region, account creation, etc, I get a BSOD of
stopcode: system_thread_exception_not_handled in netwtw10.sys. A quick google search implies this has to do with the drivers for the wifi device.

The partition breakdown was ESP (/boot/efi), ext2 /boot, and crypto/lvm partitions, then 250gb free space:

It installs, then I go into the reboot process…

Then I get this fun bsod for a very brief moment

Then it reboots and every reboot thereafter results in a generic windows error that this site won’t let me upload as a photo for some reason.

Any ideas?
sorry about blur… just switched to android and get my phone to stop autofocusing :frowning:

Any additional information? Disk partition, file system, file structure on the EFI partition, are Debian and Windows’s bootloaders at separate folders?

Backing up the data is recommended before installing a second OS.

Where’s your EFI partition mounted in Debian? Mount at /efi or /boot/efi are recommended, mount at /boot might not work with dual boot due to possible file conflict

I tried to supplement the post with photos; having a bit of trouble. It’s a fresh install, so nothing to back up. part1 is ESP mounted at /boot/efi when in linux. part2 is /boot ext2 and part3 is crypto/lvm.

This has something to do with wifi card, could be incompatible drivers. My guess is that you could remove the wifi card, use USB disk to copy and install the driver package, reinstall the wifi card and reboot. However this seems too complicated, consider other people’s opinions as well

I disabled the wifi card in the bios and no difference.

So I’m using the wifi card that ships from framework, and its a new laptop. I would assume the stock wifi is compatible with windows at least enough to install, no?
I bought this framework a month ago.

As others have installed Windows on their machines, same model, I am inclined to think that it has to do with the bootloader. Could you try to erasing the windows partition, and reinstalling? This time try to specifically format the partition you have available to it as NTFS, and see if the problem persists. Just note that Windows doesn’t like being the 3rd wheel and its bootloader can be VERY nasty with grub.

After much trial and error, I gave up trying to install Windows after Linux. The only way I could even get close to what I wanted was to install Windows first, allocating a huge partition in the middle for my future Linux install, then installing Debian after. I also had to have the WiFi adapter disabled in the BIOS > Security > IO > Wifi setting.

Ironically, after getting Windows 11 installed, I thought it was hot garbage compared to Debian so wiped the drive and only installed Debian.

Thanks everyone for your help!