Caps lock beep

Folks I am NOT blaming this on Framework, just putting the question out there: Is anyone having trouble getting the win 11 “toggle keys” beep to work? The framework sound driver is clearly working, but this feature does not. I have tried different keyboards, 3rd party apps, and no joy. works fine w/same extrenal keyboard on my Dell (again I am NOT trying to say this is a Framework issue, it looks to me like an OS issue, but I cannot seem to find a fix.)

Only use the inbuilt keyboard and the only key that actives the sound is the Caps lock with a different sound when enabling and disabling.

Will see if I can connect an external keyboard.


On my 11Gen Win 11 with a USB A expansion card and my Cherry keyboard both [Caps Lock] and [Num Lock] work fine. I have no [Fn Lock]

All as expected via Accessibility > Keyboard

Hopefully you have the correct driver update package for the **Gen you have.

Amoun, thank you. Yes I do have the driver pack installed but am considering re-installing it to see if that helps. I am a bit hesitant though inasmuch as wiith the exception of this issue, the sound is working fine. And it’s pretty minor, so I may tell the wife to just get a keyboard with led’s on it and move on.

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The driver pack ?? 11Gen or 12Gen :slight_smile:

This is a windows option as far as I know.
Go to windows settings then keyboard, and disable sound on keys. It’s somewhere in there!

The windows setting does not work - i toggle it on/off and it has no effect at all. Driver pack is installed (12th gen.) With the exception of this somewhat odd issue, sound works just fine on the machine.

I just reinstalled the driver pack, which btw does not appear to include a sound driver. Device Mangler says machine is running the standard win 11 sound driver, and no updated version is available. This being the case, unless somebody knows better, I would conclude that this is a Microsoft issue.