Case magnets coming unglued

Hi all,

I’ve got a first-gen Framework. I was in the case a couple days ago upgrading the speakers, and when I tried to close everything up the top wouldn’t mate to the bottom: turns out the glue securing several of the magnets to the chassis failed and the magnets went to visit each other… I was able to shift them to the correct positions and got everything closed up again; no issues I’m aware of.

Has anyone else experienced this? If so, how did you address it - did you reglue the magnets into place? Is there another (better) recommended fix?

I would probably reach out to support to see what they say, but I would guess that it would be fine to just glue them back in as long as the adhesive you’re using is recommended for attaching metals together.

@lthemick Hey, how did you solve your issue?
I’ve got a very similar problem, but for the lid magnets, as described here: