Changing turbo timings

does anybody know, whether it is possible to change timings for turbo boost 2.0?
I haven’t had an intel system for a long time, so I don’t really know, what is possible at the moment.
Also, I haven’t recieved my framework yet since I ordered from germany, or I would have checked it myself.
Thanks for your help

I’m reasonably confident those settings are locked in and can’t be edited/changed.

Those settings are not exposed in BIOS at this time and XTU isn’t valid for the current processor choices

@GhostLegion thats a pitty, thanks for the answer though.
I am a big fan of overclocking and I do it a lot on my tower pc, so I was hoping to be able to play with turbo timings, since framework uses locked cpus, which cant be overclocked the usual way

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Intel has their mobile chips locked down tight-even undervolting is disabled

I know that undervolting is disabled, iirc there was a security reason for that. Thanks for your answer, though.

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