Chassis electrical arcing? Scratching noises

Hey Framework Community,

I’ve had my Framework for a little while now, and from time to time I’ll hear a little scratching sound coming from under the keyboard/chassis. I especially notice it when I’m using the framework sitting on top of my closed macbook pro (also aluminum frame). I’ve tried to capture the sound with my cellphone TOOT.TOOLS

Any thoughts? Something I should move? A dab of silicone somewhere on the mainboard?

That might very likely to be the VRM coil whine.

Coil whine refers to an undesirable noise emitted by an electronic component vibrating as power runs through an electrical cable. Just about anything with a power source can create coil whine to some degree, but it’s usually caused by an electrical current going through a power-regulating component like a transformer or inductor, causing its electrical wiring to vibrate at a variable frequency.

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I’m not familiar with coil whine, so I started doing some digging (watched some videos for further reference). … does not sound like this, however now I know what that noise from my gaming PC is.

The sound from the framework is more of a “snap crackle pop” or “scratching” sound. Like there’s a small rodent under the MoBo, scratching on the metal.

Your link with the recording is crashing for me so I can’t hear it, but is there any possibility the noise is due to the fan undesirably turning on and off in quick succession - known as ‘pulse stretching’ and discussed in this thread?

That issue has been addressed through Bios updates, but if it isn’t that there could just be an issue with the fan itself - something other users have rectified with replacements.

Hi Dominic,
Good suggestion, though I’ll need to wait until Linux Bios are available. On the other hand, I followed the other link, and watched the video. The sound is quite different.

I’m not sure why the audio would crash. Maybe m4a isn’t working for some? I’ve encoded to mp3, which is here… TOOT.TOOLS , I hope that fixes that.