Chromebook shutting down

Hi folks first post here so hope this is the best place. I work in a school district and I bought a couple chromebooks as a reward for 2 kids who were helping me repair other brands of cbooks. I disassembled the chromebooks and they put them back together again. One has worked without issue but one firstly wouldn’t power on so they sent me a new mainboard maybe 2 weeks ago. We put it in and everything seemed fine. Today my student came in and the machine shuts of within 10 seconds of turning it on. I can see that the battery is fully charged and so I was wondering if anyone else had this issue and what I should check to fix it.


I’m not entirely sure, because this is the Chromebook variant, but are you getting any post codes via the LEDs on the side of the device when you try powering it on.

If you can record the code it should point to what is causing a problem. My experience is usually bad RAM, storage, or the RTC. Not sure if the Chromebooks even have a RTC battery though.

Are you able to rule out anything done while in the possession of the kid? Did they spill anything on it, etc?

I figured it out. It turns out the cord from the screen wasn’t routed properly and was between the power switch on the keyboard and the mainboard switch, seems like this was the problem. I routed the cords round that and it seems to work fine now. Thanks for the quick response. I appreciate it.

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