More Power Issues

Howdy folks, to preface this, I have already opened a ticket, and have a main board coming to me as my current one was RMA’d for a different power delivery issue (I think you can check my post history for more info on that if you so desire). So at the very least this is a hopefully a time boxed issue.

Anywho, yesterday I was playing Minecraft on battery and my Framework went into low power mode, so I plugged into AC using my wife’s MacBook Pro charger. It’s 67W so no issues there. I was plugged in for maybe 2 minutes, so not enough time to meaningfully charge when I decide to move to my office. Unplugged my laptop and it went dark on me.

Now, I can’t get it to boot. LED code flashes on 3, 9, and 10. The guides suggest that I can reset the mainboard state to potentially rectify, but to also not do that until instructed to. My new main board is estimated arrival on Wednesday so I’m not out too long but would love if anyone has any insight that could maybe get me back up and running before then. I’ve already tried AC on both sides of the laptop, with and without different USB-C expansion bays. I reseated the ram for good measure and don’t see any signs of concern under the hood. I’m up to date on BIOS, driver pack, and Windows updates.

Thanks y’all!

FWIW Support asked me to reset the main board. Gonna give that a shot and will report back here for posterity.

Mainboard reset was unsuccessful. Got a new one in today and have it installed so fingers crossed no more issues!