Chromebook webcam upgrade?

I’m loving my Framework Chromebook, aside from the Webcam. Even though it’s advertised as a 1080p camera, it’s unusable in a professional setting. I’m forced to use my Dragonfly Chromebook since its camera is much better.

Has anyone tried upgrading the Chromebook camera module, if that’s even possible.

I wouldn’t even use it in a casual instance. On my Windows 11 is atrocious.

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Unfortunately, as far as upgrades go, there aren’t really any at this time. I may be wrong about this, but I believe that both camera modules Framework sells on the Marketplace have the same physical “camera” on them, just one is a SKU for the 11th and 12th gen laptops, and one is for the chromebook. If I am wrong, you still couldn’t use the Framework webcam module on the chromebook model, because if any changes were made between the two, it was in order to use hardware that chromeos could interface with, so in those cases the non-chromebook part would not work with the chromebook.

Thanks, I ordered a Logitech USB webcam today, which will do the trick for now. Thanks for the reply @Azure.

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