ChromeOS Flex - No Deep Sleep - Poor Battery Life

Hi All

I have a Framework 13, 13th Gen, running the latest version of ChromeOS Flex. It runs super smooth, no issues day to day. The only thing I swapped out was my AX210 for an AX200.

The issue I do have is that the laptop doesn’t seem to deep sleep like a regular Chromebook would. So when I close the lid at night and come back the next day, the battery is drained a lot more than I would expect.

Does anyone know if there is a way to enable Deep Sleep?

bumping after a couple months to see if anyone had any ideas?

Also interested in this. Currently trying to install ChromeOS Flex without much luck on the install (generated by the Chromebook Recovery Utility).

Any instructions or guidance about performance after would be extremely helpful.

@noneya Where are you getting stuck on the install?

Getting BIOS to do anything with the USB(s) I’ve created. No instance of Chrome OS Flex .bin (created via the Chromebook Recovery Tool extension) starts a proper install sequence. In BIOS when I select the USB, it goes to the Framework logo then hangs indefinitely. No activity that I can perceive on the laptop itself. Tried secure boot enabled and disabled, etc.

Appreciate the help! This process has some learning curves for me. Last time I installed any OS was the Cyanogen days on the first Android phone. I’m very rusty. But I did just use the same boot device/image to install ChromeOS Flex on an old, remaindered Macbook Air without any issue. And I can install Ubuntu on the 13, too. Just not ChromeOS Flex.

I think the issue may be within the current 3.03 BIOS version. I recruited help and have ruled out all known issues with the USB stick, my 13’s DIY config, ChromeOS Flex’s current specs vs. 7040 as well as BIOS’s ability to install (it did Ubuntu without a hitch).

Think rolling back to 3.02 may work? Or waiting on 3.04?

The BIOS is now 3.05 and I still cannot get the ChromeOS Flex USB to boot. Can anyone help?