Clarity on External Monitor

I have an external LG ULTRAGEAR 32-inch monitor. The native resolution is 2560 x 1440. I have never been satisfied with the text sharpness on this monitor. I have tried all number of things to improve the situation. Nothing has improved my situation.

However, I just made a discovery. When I change the display setting from extend to duplicate the monitors, the quality difference on the LG external monitor is TREMENDOUSLY better.

Does anyone have an explanation for why this is so? Also, how can I retain this superior quality when I change back to the extend display option?

I would expect that in mirror mode, the system would choose a resolution that both the laptop screen and the monitor can display. That is not 2560x1440 nor 2256x1504. You could look in the monitor settings screen what resolution is negotiated. If you choose that explicitly for extended screen, you should get similar results. Plus you should see the laptop screen revert to its own native resolution.

I tried that suggestion once before and once just now. When I set the display option to “duplicate”, Windows says the resolution is 2256x1504. However, this is not an option in the drop-down for the LG monitor when I choose “extend”.

Any other ideas?

Are you using HDMI? Have you a) tried a different cable? b) Have you tried Displayport?

I have tried both HDMI and DP. For each I have tried several cables. In addition, I have tried a couple different HDMI and DP modules.

I believe the problem is related to the differing aspect ratios between the monitors and the fact that my LG external monitor, as like most monitors, does not support a 3:2 ratio.

When I have my Framework set as the main monitor and I “duplicate” to the LG monitor, Windows will “pillar box” the content on the LG monitor to simulate a 3:2 ratio. However, when I try to “extend” and manually select the resolution for the LG monitor, the best-looking resolution I can select is 2048x1152, which is 16:9; doing the division 3:2 is 1.5 and 16:9 is around 1.78.

Does anyone have any additional thoughts on this? If so, it would be much appreciated.
Might help?
First time on an AMD GPU in forever.

Hi @lane_ftw,

That looked like a very promising solution. Unfortunately, I have an Intel processor, so I searched for something similar. I found the following:

However, I did not see the option in the Intel Graphics Command Center where I could change to a custom resolution.

I believe this is not an option for me because of a hardware limitation.