Can't get resolution beyond 2560x1440 on external LG 4K display on Mint

I have an external LG 27GN800 monitor capable of 4K (works fine on Mac) that when connected to my Framework DIY is only able to get a max resolution of 2560 x 1440. I’ve tried both DisplayPort to DisplayPort, and also via DisplayPort to USB-C. I’ve read in other forum posts that DP connections should be good up to 5K, so the graphics card should not be the issue. Is there an updated driver I need? Issue with Linux Mint? Thanks!

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Hardly surprising :rofl:

Picture Quality

27" QHD (2560 x 1440)


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Well, I’m a moron. But, in my defense, I’m bad with numbers, and everything on the display is literally twice as large than when I connect the Macbook. Perhaps I have some sort of 2x zoom on or something.


Check in System Settings → Display to see if the scale is set to something other than 1x.


It’s a Quad HD, so can be misinterpreted, I would dream of saying misrepresented :slight_smile:

1440p / QHD / QuadHD / WQHD is :- 2560×1440 pixels

It is a limitation of the USB to DisplayPort adaptor, get one of these perhaps.