Clearance Delay Club

(not a rant post)

My package is still in Anchorage AK, since last Thursday (4/1)… there is nothing I can do right now :laughing: suggests that it would be delivered on Monday (8/1), can it be trusted? I mean it isn’t even in my state yet, and custom most likely not going to work on weekends.

According to my searches on Reddit and here, it is not uncommon to be in the clearance delay situations. I will update this post once I receive my package or there is an update to the status.

All in all, it is definitely not a FW problem, they shipped it promptly. It’s only the government agency doing some gov-agency-stuff that causes the delay. (edit: not important ^^)

Update, on Monday 8/1, the package had been released, and en route to my location. In summary, it had been sitting in custom for 4 days (2 business days).

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Same “Clearance delay” since 01/04 in “ANCHORAGE, AK, 2024-01-04 1:46 PM” on Fedex tracking page.

Contacted FW Customer support and got their reply quickly:“We’ve escalated your ticket to our logistics team for further investigation into your shipment. We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you and we will hopefully find out more shortly. Framework escalation support will be delayed 5th 2024. Normal operations will resume January 8th 2024.

Guess we’ll see what happens in the next day or two.

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Welcome to shipping internationally, I’d advise you to post in the thread for your particular batch.

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thanks for chiming in, hopefully we will see our FW soon

not in a batch, I purchased after the pre-order was closed

Got a followup email 01/08, " We are contacting the carrier directly to request more information on the status of your package. We appreciate your patience and will provide you with another update in 2 business days or less."

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Thank you for keeping me in the loop

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Likewise waiting on mine, which is probably stuck in the same bulk shipment. I’m sure they’ll have it cleared up in the next few days (a previous thread mentions it typically takes 2 business days, and the day is only just starting in Alaska), hopefully it’ll be back in shipment in time to start setting things up this weekend!

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fingers crossed

edit: we are not alone
so we will get through this together :fire:

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Mine was being released from Custom at 11:13 am Anchorage, AK local time.

Mine as well. Have fun!

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mine says delivery tomorrow


Update: Supposingly… but FedEx has other plan, they are still holding onto it :slight_smile: hahahaha

Wish they would give it to me tomorrow (10/1)

Update2: Got mine yesterday, was busy setting it up tearing it apart lol
assembled today and typing on it now

Ah, I’m in the same boat. Glad I found this thread and thanks for the updates.

Yup im in the same boat. Hopefull us in Batch 10 get cleared fast

My shipping confirmation says mine was supposed to be delivered today but FedEx says it’s going to sit for 10 days before being returned to sender. Does anyone know if I’ll get refunded automatically and how long it takes?

I was really looking forward to this thing. Very disappointed.

My best guess is we will get it on Monday or Tuesday. It’s a known issue with some of the orders being held by customs.

Mine just got released from customs! Looks like my guess for Monday is going to be right.

Lucky! Enjoy it!