Framework + Fedora boot logo

Hello Framework community,

I’m a new Framework user and have Fedora installed. One thing I noticed is that when I’m booting into Fedora, a loading screen with the Fedora & Framework logo appears. I thought this is really cool. The same loading screen appears on Windows.

On other distros, like EndeavourOS this does not work. The Laptop boots without showing the Framework / any other logo.

Just out of curiosity: How is this loading screen with the Framework logo and OS logo being implemented? What parts of the OS / BIOS (?) are being modified to enable such customization?

Thank you.


There is an ACPI resource (provided by the firmware) named BGRT, or the “Boot Graphics Resource Table”. An operating system can use this table to find the manufacturer’s boot logo.

The splash screen software most commonly used on Linux, plymouth, supports a theme named BGRT (if it is packaged by your distribution) that will use the logo provided by the firmware.


The work on Fedora was done by hansdegoede. His site has a comprehensive resource documenting the necessary changes.
If you updated through the Fedora release without rebuilding your conf files like I did you would have to do this manually.

You may be able to mirror the same changes on Endeavor.