Compatibility for the Secondary M.2

I’ve been looking for documentation on the subject, but I either I haven’t found it or it hasn’t been addressed before.

I have been looking for information on what all can function with the secondary m.2 slot that isn’t an SSD. As an example, I have an m.2 cellular modem that would fit in that slot, but I have no idea if that slot actually supports other m.2 devices.

Does anyone happen to know where I could read up on what that port supports?

It’s just PCIe and is compatible with everything that is PCIe.
There are pretty strict size constraints though, so you should check your modem against that. Also: where are the antennas?

Regular NVMe SSD M.2 2230 slot → 2230 is the size of the SSD.
Check the various discussions: M.2 2230 SSD Recommendations for the Framework 16

Keep in mind the keying. The slots are “M” keyed so that it will fit PCIe x4 devices and only PCIe x4 devices.

Communication cards are supposed to be A+E (PCIe x2 and USB). They will not physically fit into an “M” keyed slot. The WiFi slot is A+E keyed, if you have an M.2 2230 cellular modem it should fit there if you’re willing to give up WiFi.

Thank you for the info.

The antenna I that came with it was basically a flat panel antenna, and the cables for it were routed through the old laptop. The antenna itself was on the lid, between the case and the back of the LCD.

My plan for it, if I can possibly figure out a way to make things fit with running wires, was to mount the antenna to the midplate near the side of the track pad. It wasn’t ever the greatest reception back when I used it out in the field, but it wasn’t bad either. So, now it’s just a matter of seeing if things fit or not, both in terms of the cables and the card itself.