Does the motherboard allow for 2 M.2 drives?

I am not sure I can find this info in the spec.

No, there is only one M.2 slot at PCIe Gen4x4.


In principle, couldn’t you remove the Wifi card and put a 2230 M.2 there? It might not be PCIe Gen 4, but it should work?

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Im not sure if that slot has the correct slots or pinout to support an M.2 drive, but it would be worth trying

The communication M.2 slot has an “E” key. The Intel AX210 card has “A” & “E” slots but only the “E” slot is required.

It’s labelled in this photo:

Correlating to the slot list:

noting only the “E” key is enforced and based on this mention:

This is CNVi.

The “E” key blocks all SSDs. It’s intended for CNVi communication only.


@Fraoch Excellent summary. Thanks!

No, sorry, like Nich_Trimble said. However, there are USB flash drives that are low profile: About as large as a wireless USB dongle that hold a fair amount of data for their physical size, yet they’re more universal (moveable to another computer) than the storage expansion module Framework currently offers. There is also the Micro-SD slot module, but those cards are so small you’ll likely loose them if they are not in something. So I only ever put them “down” into something (including a protective case that has the regular SD adapter with it)

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Hopefully, they’ll have a “Framework XL” that’s physically larger but has a discrete GPU on a daughter-card that can be replaced (even if it’s a custom connector, that beats “soldered to the motherboard”) AND has a second M.2 slot? One can only hope…

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Careful with these. They tend to run quite hot, some brands far more than others. I have one that I dare not actually put into a USB-A slot without an “extender” that came with a keyboard dongle once.

An unexpected perk of the F.w expansion card format is that if one of these micro flash drives does overheat like crazy, it’ll burn out a $9 expansion card instead of a port on the main board. Bad news though, is the design of the USB-A expansion card looks to my eye to not have a lot of places for heat to escape, making the micro flash drive overheat scenario far more likely in my estimation…

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D.H. I’m not going to boot from one, so it wouldn’t be in continuous use. That’s a good point, though. What brand was the “worst” in your experience? Was it the cheapest one for its size, by any chance? The one I have right now is a Samsung.

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The worst offender in my collection is a SanDisk 64GB unit from maybe 2018ish. Close second was I think a Kingston unit that I have since lost, was a little bit older than that.