Cursor jerks when I click

I have an issue where when I move my cursor a short distance and then click, the cursor often jumps back to the original position, even though my finger is not moving when I click. Also, the distance does not even have to be that short for this to happen. Has anyone else seen this issue in Framework laptops or other laptops? Do I just have a bad track pad? I can buy a replacement if I can know that’s the issue.

I have tried installing Framework drivers, reinstalling all mouse and trackpad drivers, disabling PS/2 mouse emulation in the bios, and updating Windows 10 among other things.


It should be noted that I removed the keyboard without knowing it was attached via a cable and I yanked it slightly. I checked the cable and the connection and did not see any damage. I don’t think this caused it because the trackpad works fine otherwise. Also, the trackpad was not registering some clicks (even before I yanked on the keyboard) though it’s not doing this anymore.

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This is, unfortunately, a feature in Windows designed to reduce accidental drift when you click the touchpad. Quick movements (within a tenth or quarter of a second window) look a lot like drift, and trigger snap-back.

It cannot be disabled. :frowning:


I’ll add that to the list of things I love about Windows 10.