[RESPONDED] Jumping - Disappearing Cursor - Track Pad

Both my new FW13 and my Lenovo t540p have the same issue: which I’d be willing to ascribe to my medium to large thick paws.

I find that while I’m typing, here, Word, internet, email (doesn’t matter.) The cursor position will jump to some apparently random location on the page for what appears to be no reason at all.

I can only come up with the idea this has to do with the touch function of the track pad, relocating the cursor based upon where the pointer is.

It is absolutely #$#%$$ annoying as hell, especially while I’m typing an article. It interrupts flow and has impedes productivity.

Has anyone else experienced this problem?
Do you have any potential solutions/work arounds?

I really hate the track pad to begin with, but disabling it in the BIOS presents potential other issues (I’d be willing to deal with this if necessary to not have this happen.)

I did the foregoing once before with a work laptop.

Thanks for any insights.

Yes, also a person were large paws, on almost any laptop I’ve used.

External keyboards and mice reduce the need to touch the laptop keyboard and TouchPad.

I’m hoping someone on the @Framework development, marketing, design team responds to this.

I rather like my computer save one major dealio I’m absolutely NOT happy about and quite frankly LOATHE.

The trackpad blows. I’ve had nothing but issues with the cursor disappearing from the location it should be and moving to some random place on a page while I’m typing.

When this happens, more often than I care to count since obtaining my new rig; it completely disrupts my thought/flow while I’m writing, inserts words on the wrong line and is quite frankly nothing short of destructive to the creative process.

I had similar issues, as previously noted with my dying, now near death beloved Lenovo t540p. I thought it was because that laptop was experiencing issues because of its age.

My Framework rig is way worse. I’ve also recently had programs randomly open while I’m typing.

I’m considering turning off the trackpad in the BIOS or taking apart the machine and unplugging it from the board (not even sure if that may be a possibility.)

I’d really appreciate some guidance from @Framework about these concerns/issues.

Lastly, I’ve noticed in Word that some of the letters will double/triple while I’m typing an article. Not sure if my very new keyboard is already showing some difficulty or it is somehow something going on in Word?

You mention Word, so I assume you’re on Windows? 10, 11?
Does Windows not have an option to disable the touchpad while typing?

@MJ1, yes Win 11 pro with the new version of the laptop as, it will not run 10. I’ve looked in the track pad/mouse settings and do not see that as an option.

Quite a number of years ago I was issued a laptop by work, which 99% of the time lived docked on my desk. One of the tech gurus in our organization disabled the track pad in the BIOS so it didn’t operate at all, hence my comment about tacking that approach.

It would be nice if it were as simple as a toggle somewhere in the windows operating system.

I will endeavor to research such.

@flovo thank you for the link.

This is a Windows touchpad setting.

Settings > Bluetooth & devices > Touchpad > Taps > Touchpad sensitivity > set to “Low sensitivity”

Thanks. Did what you suggested (saw the setting previously and didnt think of it.) Not sure its improved.

Sent a note to support…lets see what theyve to offer.

Thanks again.

There looks to be 3rd part tools that will disable the touchpad only while typing. But if you want to just turn off the touchpad entirely, you should be able to just do it in windows.

Okay, so I have to admit I’m might a bit of a dumb @$$ for not thinking of this sooner. I don’t think I ever dl’d the driver bundle for this laptop. I thought it did when I loaded everything to get my rig operational.

So, just dl’d the bundle for v13 of the windows/intel laptop and the settings that were missing are now not.

Indeed, no 3rd party app necessary. A simple toggle to turn off the pad while I’m typing and just as easy to reverse it.

I use an external mouse most of the time, so this is a much better set up.

My sincere gratitude yet again for the collective smarts and experience of this community.

Wishing you all a lovely weekend.