Cyberdeck build - made from framework parts

Hi everyone, just wanted to share my build. I designed and built this around one of the 11th-gen i5 boards I picked up second-hand. Its a slab-style computer that has a flip-up screen for better desk-top use. I was able to keep 2 of the expansion card slots and integrated a multi-port USB hub to provide more I/O. Instead of a trackpad I’m using a mini trackball mounted on the right side. It has some cool features like an integrated Arduino with 10 pins that can be accessed from header pins on the front of the device. It also ahs the ability to receive video input so I can use it to test other computers/raspberry pi without having to get out another monitor. The primary frame is 3D printed, and the top and bottom plates are cut out of 1/8" aluminum sheet.

My daily driver is a desktop PC, so this was mostly just a fun project, but I do actually use it a decent amount and its been working very well. The smaller screen takes some getting used to, but the pixel density is really high since its 2400x900, so its not bad.


I made a video about this project, so check that out if you are interested in more details:


Very nice, it looks extremely professional!

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absolutely awesome, wondering if would be something that would be sold on the marketplace

That’s so neat, love it! I have no use for it, but I want one so bad anyways lol

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Very nice!!! The level of polish on this is astounding. It looks like you’ve created a professional product here!

I want to commend you for the trackball inclusion as well. Trackballs are, IMHO, the best mousing solution ever made for compact and portable solutions.

Damn this is awesome man, looks very nice :+1:
Guessing it’s only powered through mains, no way you’re fitting a battery in there, right? :wink:

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Amazingly, if you watch the video, he actually fit a battery inside!

Really really cool project over here!

Awesome build…

Wow you’re right, indeed this is very cool :slight_smile:

My opinion is that the framework motherboard is perfect for making diy laptops. I think framework could make a fortune by selling framework motherboards to other systems integrators in bulk. Then again there is an advantage to being both a direct to customer company and a business to business company. Mainly having security when the market tips either way because you can allocate more production to one versus the other.