DaVinci Resolve

Hey I’m bought the DIY edition specifically for using DaVinci Resolve (17) but when I load my phone footage into it it will only play the clips’ audio. I’m worried the computer doesn’t meet requirements on resolve, especially that being it doesn’t have a designated graphics card… I’m running out of ideas of what else it could be.

my specs:
11th Gen Intel(R) Core™ i7-1165G7 @ 2.80GHz 2.80 GHz
64 ram
1tb SSD

My friend opened my phone’s footage in resolve and it worked fine that’s why I think it’s the laptop. phone footage is 1080p mp4, mpeg-4, I tried transcoding it to h264, I reinstalled resolve, I tried to make proxies (wich wasn’t working either), I tried older versions of resolve.

Any thoughts are appreciated!!! Thank you

The system requirements for DaVinci Resolve do specify that you need a dedicated graphics card or integrated if it supports CUDA 11 of which Intel Xe Graphics does not. There is a work around but that has been unmaintained since February. Unless someone else has an idea, I’d say you probably need to invest in an eGPU.


actually DaVinci resolve is running on Intels GPUs (according to short goggling) and CUDA is not required as it would meant that AMD GPUs would not run it and they do.
there should be some other reason it’s not running except “because they don’t”


I’ve had a similar thing happen in Sony Vegas on a few systems. Load a video clip on the timeline, and it reads as audio only.

For me, it was a codec issue, I found and installed a codec pack, and everything started working normally.

It would be really cool if I could do a light edit on the framework on the go, then move it over to a desktop for the heavy lifting and final render.


I have been using DaVinci resolve without issues and I only have 16gb ram (which is the minimum they recommend)

I also think you are running into a codec issue. I have had to install several audio and video codecs already just for video playback

thank you for everyone’s reply! I did get it working when I transcoded my footage. @yessikg @Kyle_Clements I’ve never downloaded codec packs, do you download them into the computer or do I need to bring them into davinci specifically?
Also, do you recommend any specifically?

A codec pack is something you install, sort of like a VST in an audio editor or any other sort of plugin. You download it, it installs something…somewhere, then those files jut work in your editor.

I think VLC includes a codec pack. Maybe installing that would be enough? Cellphone video in particular can be weird, with the variable framerates which editing software doesn’t like.

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