DDR initialization failure: is my mainboard toast?

I thought I’d see if anybody has had a similar issue while waiting to hear back from support.

I have what I’m at least pretty sure is an 11th Generation Intel Framework 13, and the poor thing isn’t booting. The power light doesn’t turn on, but the fan does, and I do get a diagnostic sequence from the side LED: the only check that’s failing is the 11th blink, corresponding to DDR initialization. This isn’t exactly like any scenario described in the KB article, but it’s close.

I’ve tried every configuration of memory sticks and slots, together and separately in both slots 0 and 1, both before and after performing a mainboard reset, and gotten the same result each time. Because it’s unlikely that both memory sticks failed simultaneously, it seems likely to me that the mainboard itself is what’s broken.

However, I’d hate to order a replacement when a repair is still possible, or replace the wrong component based on an incorrect diagnosis. Is there anything I can do to further narrow down the analysis?

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For the benefit of posterity: it was the mainboard, it and was toast.