Debolating Windows 11

Anyone running a lighterweight version of win11 or a debloater tool? Was looking into something like ghost spectre, but lack of updates seems like a bad idea on an internet connected machine. Also this will be an AMD board, in case compatibility is an issue with the custom isos.

I use WPD, WUMgr, and Simplewall to neuter Windows as much as possible. From my own testing simplewall does a good job of preventing windows services from reach Microsoft. This means that you can completely stop MS from the privacy perspective. Now this isn’t saying that this will be good for forever. If MS makes a change to the firewall or network APIs that bypass or break Simplewall functionality then you will be stuck.

WPD, allows you to set group polices and disable some telemetry features as well. It is all really good for quickly uninstalling UWP applications. Removing many of these would constitute the debloating the OP is talking about.

WUMgr is about controlling the updating process. You can use it to stop Windows for doing it automatically. This helps to ensure standby and hibernation modes don’t magically wake up without you asking it to. This also allows you to exercise a bit more control over what your CPU is busy doing.

Hope that helps!


CTT (from Chris Titus Tech), ShutUp10++, and BloatyNosy are all your friends. If you don’t want any kind of software for some reason, is an option but I wouldn’t recommend it.