Windows 11 appears to be MUCH better for privacy compared to Windows 10

I know we all love Linux around (me too), but for those of you who grew up on Windows / DOS, develop for Windows, etc. you might find this bit of info interesting:

As reported elsewhere by me, WPD and Tinywall both work just as well on Windows 11, and appear to have a much smaller area of concern to which they apply.

Who knows maybe Microsoft is finally understanding that people don’t want their OS spying on them.


I’ve been running Windows 11 using Ubuntu under WSL for development purposes for almost two years now and it’s been an awesome experience. Love Windows 11 on the Framework!

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With closed source software, it’s like with apple, “we protect you privacy at all costs, and no one (but us) can have your data” enterprise grade privacy protection and high awareness but I would guess they always leave a way for themselves. Even Ubuntu have the diagnostics issue that on default it uploads reports everyone once in a while. It’s easier to get rid of in Linux however

It is a popular tag line for open source software, but the truth is closed source is verifiable and auditable. Windows Enterprise is a very different beast compared to the Windows that the consumer uses. These large companies concerned with security and confidentiality, do you think they don’t have firewalls and packet inspection? Do you really think companies like Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, Google, Amazon, etc. don’t know how to maintain their secrets? Last I checked they aren’t all using open source software.

Even Lennart Poettering (Red Hat employee who created PulseAudio and Systemd) said that Microsoft’s security poster on Windows 11 is stronger than Linux.

There is nothing wrong with drinking kool-aid, just make sure you know what flavor it is.


Thats what I said, they have extremely powerful security. What I was mainly talking about was the telemetry and data collection through their systems. Companies like Apple especially have focused on security in the consumers market since forever, but do you think they don’t collect any sort of data at all? All of their firewall and powerful encryptions are designed to defend against third party attackers in mind, not form themselves.