Defective power adapters

Has anyone else had problems with defective power adapters?
I have had my laptop a bit more than a year, purchasing it in February, 2022.

Unfortunately, the power adapter only lasted a few months, with the cover splitting, exposing wire, in July.
The replacement only lasted until August.
That replacement also lasted for only a few weeks.

Eventually, Framework stopped sending me replacements, and I purchased an Anker replacement.

I’m wondering whether anyone else has had problems with their adapter.
My laptop has been otherwise excellent.

I saw a reddit post on this recently and noticed mine did the same a month ago (I’m slow to notice things)
I asked support for a replacement and it’s on its way
Sounds like a super common issue but from what I read there’s supposed to be newer ones that don’t have this issue

My usb-C cable from Framework similarly only lasted about a year, and I replaced it with an Anker cable around that same time. The adapter still works fine and I’ve had no issues with it though. Love the form factor!

There were some defective cable batches that may still be out in the wild. Framework has addressed it with their manufacturing partner/supplier for this part. If anyone has this happen, simply contact Framework Support and they will take care of you.

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The power adapter case split or the cable split?

Sorry for not being clear.

The cable split.

I. have had this problem with past laptops. Though the framework cables were particularly bad.

I’m really happy that Framework uses a standard cable which I can buy from many sources.

I’m not that surprised that frameworm came through with a solution. A solid company.

Next problem, my pop age down button cracked. But I know the problem is easily fixable

As mentioned you may get a replacement.