Deliver order

Hi, I’m Manon and I’m french.

I would like to know delay to deliver order.

There is a delay indicates Q2 about Ryzen.
But I don’t understand what Q2 means…

Thanks for your help !

Currently, if you pre-order, the estimated delivery date is sometime in the second quarter of next year (Q2). This date could change one way or the other, depending on how things play out. But that is the current estimate.

Where second quarter is beginning of April to end of June…

I realise that any precision in estimating delivery dates is impossible until mass production is underway and debugged, but once the first couple of batches are out, it would be really nice if subsequent batches could be given updated delivery estimates, possibly to the month, rather than quarter.

This laptop is special and includes several firsts. The company building it is rather small and wants to make sure the new elements in the product work seamlessly. I think you will receive the laptop on time in Q2 once production is really ramped up. But yes, ordering the FW16 is a bit of an adventure ;).