Batch 1 Preparation Emails Are Going Out

I just received my Batch 1 preparation email which contained some additional timing details and information. This is a copy of the “general announcements” sections:

We’re preparing Batch 1 of Framework Laptop 16 (AMD Ryzen™ 7040 Series)! Please review your info.

We’re preparing to ship Framework Laptops in your batch!

We expect to ship your order out within the next 7 to 30 days. Note that this is a wider time range than we normally provide when we start shipping a batch of orders. There are a couple of factors playing into this:

  1. We have all of the material necessary for laptops and will output all of Batch 1 from our factory before the end of next week. Some keyboards (RGB US English, RGB Clear ANSI, Blank ANSI, and International English - Linux) we expect to have at our warehouse in early February. One module, the RGB Macropad, has a pending delivery schedule from our supplier, and there is some risk that it could go beyond the 30-day window. Our Supply Chain team is working daily with the module supplier to bring in their schedule. We ship each order as soon as the system and the selected modules in the order are available in our warehouse.
  2. Lunar New Year sits in the middle of this time window. Our sub-suppliers, laptop factory, and our fulfillment warehouse will be closed for the holiday from around February 8th to 14th. Because the supply chain works as a pipeline, this leads to a cascading gap in production. While many Batch 1 orders will ship before the holiday, some will ship after.

We want to make sure that all of the information we have on file is up to date. Please make sure your default saved payment method is valid within the next 3 business days to avoid any delays once your order is ready to ship. This window of 3 business days is a grace period where we will not charge your saved payment method, to allow changes to be made. Before we ship your order, we will charge the remaining balance of [REDACTED] to your default saved payment method.

Here is what to expect:

We’ll let you know if we can’t capture your payment for the remaining balance of your pre-order or if your order will be delayed for any reason.

  1. Pre-order confirmed - Sent when the pre-order is placed.
  2. Preparing the batch - Sent to everyone in the batch. Payment will be collected prior to shipment within the communicated shipping window.
  3. Payment complete - Sent when we capture the balance on your order. Our warehouse will prepare your pre-order for shipment within 1-3 business days after payment is complete.
  4. Shipment notification - Sent when your order ships and contains the tracking number.

i sent in a support request asking about the rgb keyboard since i have one, i might swap it out for a normal one since i’m an impatient little stinker

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I’m a bit annoyed that the issues around the keyboard module schedules weren’t mentioned up until now. The update emails seemed to portray everything having been on-schedule after a few delays from some suppliers. Especially because I’m a customer in batch 1 who ordered the RGB Macropad, which means I probably won’t see anything until March earliest due to the holiday.


Yes this frustrates me as well…I would MUCH rather swap to items that are in stock and then buy these back-order parts later. I actually don’t want the macro pad anymore after seeing the led modules and sent a ticket in yesterday to change that. Hopefully they see it and make these changes for me.


I’m only batch 2 but I’m suddenly really happy I didn’t get the RGB or linux keyboard (I thought about both, but decided against it for now)

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I remember the RGB Macropad issue being mentioned before somewhere, but I don’t remember where. I don’t think it was in the shipment updates.

What were the estimated shipping times for the framework 13 AMD?


Looking through my emails, there doesn’t seem to have been any mention at all about issues with the Macropad. The only emails I have is a promotional email for the 16 listing it as an available option, my order confirmation and the batch prep email which announced the major delay.

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I reached out to see if they can ship without it for now. I am hella bummed about it, been anticipating this laptop since October.

I believe that is not possible but you should be able to reach out to support if you want to update your order.


Awesome. Support just responded to my order modification request. So I’m all set.


The supplier flagged to us late that they had a component shortage and that this specific module wouldn’t meet the same schedule as the other Input Modules.


hmmmm how about ship orders of other batch which are barebone i mean no rgb etc fancy module

Support was able to update my order removing RGB keyboard and swamped back to Normal US Keyboard, I hope this will not delay my batch 1 order now, wasn’t happy about the module delay in the preparing batch 1 email.

Turns out they won’t ship it this way, I totally get it!

I have thought about modifying my order, but I think I will just wait out.

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i also decided to wait it out, which kinda stinks but oh well

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I got the regular US keyboard thinking its just a white backlit keyboard. Then I watched the Adam Savage video of them replacing that keyboard with an RGB one. Turned out I ordered the wrong keyboard and asked support to change it to RGB and they were very quick to see and respond to it to make the last minute change. I see this message and I guess I have to wait a little bit longer.

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It’s not just a normal black keyboard with a backlight?


There are 2 US English keyboards.
Just “US English” is white backlight.
“RGB US English” is the RGB backlight.


Thanks for the clarification. I hope they get back to me and change it back to the regular one.