Design and look feedback

I think the design could do with a little bit of work. The latest Surface and Macs Airs look better IMO, albeit they aren’t anywhere near as upgradable.

Some chassis color choices would be nice.

The red bezel option I don’t like at all.

Whilst different colorways might not sell in volumes, they catch the eye on websites.

To me this laptop visually looks like any generic laptop from past 10 years - aside from the 3:2 screen , which is a smart move.

Appreciate this is a bit negative, but design is key to stand out from the crowd IMO , and Apple and Surface get this.

You do see that your feedback is largely subjective right? I, for example, really like the design of the laptop, but would prefer it if the base could also be black, and not just the bezel.

This is their first laptop and is the foundation of a modular system they designed for longevity and reparability. Those are the primary accomplishments here. While I hope the company is wildly successful and can then spend time and resources permitting everyone’s design aesthetics, it is something I would not want them wasting too many resources on now.


I too kind of like the design. It doesn’t stand out too much and has only what it needs to be a working laptop.

What I do hope is that it is ridged. I fear that by making it so modular they may have lost out on rigidity and that quality feel that you get from Apple or Razer. I like being able to lift my MBA from the corner and not feel it flex or hear it creak. Looking forward to some reviews once they start shipping the first batch.

I agree with the others here, the visuals are quite pleasing to me. It is a little generic, but I think that’s actually a good thing here. The Laptop won’t shy away anyone, most of the work has been put into making it upgradable, repairable, and reusable, and it still looks just like any other laptop, proving once and for all that you don’t have to compromise sleekness and looks for a product that is much better for the consumer and the environment.
Being generic in this regard is actually quite a genious move in my eyes.

I do hope we’ll be getting more color options in the future, but that should just be a matter of time.

I think in the Tom’s hardware reviews they say it is fairly rigid? Could be remembering wrong though
edit: Think I imagined that part lol. Couldn’t find anything in the Tom’s hardware review about rigidity.

Hey guys, just thought I might share my thoughts.

It seems that everyone in this forum is projecting their image of a perfect, ideal laptop onto the Framework Laptop and hoping it can shape up to be the device that is truly perfect for them. This is totally natural considering the massive promise that the framework laptop holds, we see 90℅ of the terrible compromises we need to make when selecting a laptop disappear and itch for the team to go that final 10℅ so that we need not compromise again.

While I completely agree that the design needs work and would even be willing to give specific guidance and suggestions for how I think the design should be, we can not expect them to strike perfection and deliver a legendary product, especially on their first try.

Finally, I think we neglect to recognise that this is all highly subjective and that what may be an improvement for you or I may be a massive disadvantage for others, framework will do its best to find an arrangement that almost everyone is at least somewhat satisfied with rather than trying to do the best possible for a smaller group, or even a majority, at risk of alienating the majority, or even some sizable minority, of people.

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Thank for the heads up about the Tom’s review. Actually, the last paragraph has a short comment about the “sturdy and durable” chassis. And he directly compares it to the Macbook Air. A few more reviews like this and my MBA M1 is going up for sale!

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The fingerprint looks a little tacked on, but I imagine it’s easier to service if it’s not deep in the keyboard or even part of a key. I’m fine with it, and the rest of the design.

Maybe down the line there will be a way to fit a display with slightly more screen and slightly less bezel, but other than that I think they nailed it.