Better Looking Case?

Hi, I’m not sure why you’ve chosen an ugly Apple laptop styling instead of nice black matte, or something more attractive. Any chance we’ll see a more attractive case in the future? The last thing I want to be seen with is a Mac or Mac clone.

See this thread for more on the chassis colour choices

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@Damon_Anderson Nick, the Industrial Designer from Framework explained the reasoning for the design -

So not only are they trying to make life easier for us to repair/upgrade the laptop, part of the philosophy is a contribution, hopefully not too late, to saving the planet.

Edit: @Dominic_Keen I was making my reply at the same time as yours, which I only saw after I sent mine.


Good news is, you can put a skin on it and protect your investment at the same time as making it more aesthetically appealing to you :slight_smile:


It will mean I’ll have to start my sticker collection again…

Honestly, having strictly owned Thinkpads up to this point and loving the black, industrial look while being constantly annoyed by the visible fingerprints, I was surprised how much I now prefer the Framework, which doesn’t show fingerprints to nearly the same degree. Apple was obviously on to something when they settled on their design aesthetic.


@Brett_Kosinski, hahaha… no offense but ThinkPads have ALWAYS been the ugliest laptops ever made… was also always hard to tell the newest model from the oldest. I guess you have to have owned more than one to get used to them and think of them as normal.

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