Got the new bezel

Ordered on Sunday, shipped yesterday, arrived (Toronto area) today via FedEx.

Now I’m rethinking my dbrand skin choice, but I’ve yet to install my clear keyboard, so we’ll see!


Those would be where the magnets are. In bright light, you can see the differences in thickness. Mostly I don’t notice them, but it’s probably something that they could work on to make the colouring more consistent.

I’m very curious to see how close this matches the sunrise orange that dbrand offers. I was thinking of getting a matte black trackpad skin and nothing else to follow the general color scheme of the laptop, but doing the same with orange would be really cool imo!

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I’m waiting for the grey bezel, personally. That’s gonna look real nice with this White Marble skin.

In hindsight I might have gone that route; it was tempting to begin with. Nonetheless, I can make this work. Or just get the grey anyway and mix and match :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Of course you can try it on you own, but for me the sticker on the Trackpad (MacBook Air) wasn’t the best for me. It feels okay, but the original Glas ist just a bit more precise and so I peeled it of after a week or so.
But you can give it a try nevertheless!