Differences from pre-built version

Assuming that you specify the CPU, RAM, storage, and OS for the kit the same as one of the pre-built options, what differences, if any, exist between the kit and pre-built setups?

I am in the UK and notice that there does not appear to be any option to configure WiFi and it is not mentioned anywhere on the DIY page. This leaves me unsure whether or not I am required to bring my own when building the kit. A little more clarity on this would be appreciated.

The Wi-Fi card is installed on all of the European DIY models. I haven’t looked at the configurator yet, but I’ve seen quite a bit of confusion about it. You read more in the announcement.

Ah, I suppose I should have thought to check the blog post. Still, given that post will eventually get buried under others, I think it would be a good idea for them to mention this on the configurator for the DIY edition itself. At least now I can make a purchase confident in exactly what I’m getting. :slight_smile:

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haha, you definitely shouldn’t need to check a blog post to find that information. I feel like most users ordering a new laptop wouldn’t have read that post, either.
I’m glad that helped, but hopefully framework updates the product page to be clearer that Wi-Fi is included.