DIY pre-order; no wifi card listed

It’s been a while since I ordered my Batch 8 UK DIY edition Framework. I know I went for a pretty minimalist order but I did intend to include a wifi card.

When I go to my order and choose “show configuration”, I can see CPU: Intel® Core™ i7-1165G7, keyboard, bezel, expansion cards, screwdriver and power adapter. But no wifi card mentioned.

Is it included with the CPU selection now or have I accidentally chosen to bring my own wifi card?

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It is now included automatically and pre fitted. They changed it because, I think, there were too many instances of people damaging it due to the fiddly antenna wire connectors. I don’t know which wifi card of the original two will be fitted


I think for the high end Mainboard its the one with pro, for the other two its the one without pro.