Disable right edge of touchpad?

I understand from an asthetic standpoint why the touchpad is centered in the input cover, but this design decision means that it is not centered between my hands when placed on the home row keys ‘f’ and ‘k’. This leads to unintentional cursor movement when the pad of my right palm touches the right edge of the touchpad.

Is there a way to disable a strip of the right edge of the trackpad to avoid this issue?

Some OSes allow you to disable the touchpad for a few hundred ms after a keypress, and some automatically ignore input that starts at the edge, and others activate palm rejection. Look into settings for your input stuff.

@noblman, while researching a similar problem, I learned that libinput governs touchpad behavior on linux. This article may have the answers you need


I found this article to be a good starting point for my issues