Display Brightness Increments?

Is there a way to get finer control over the display brightness? Using Windows 11, I can only adjust the screen brightness in 10% steps, leaving me to choose between too bright or too dim. I would love to have more granular control! Any body know a way to achieve this? Thanks.

I think you can get finer control of the screen brightness using the slider in the settings program. I don’t know how to adjust the keyboard shortcuts to use smaller increments and decrements.


On Linux (I use Debian sid), it’s easy enough to bind the XF86MonBrightnessUp/Down keys to arbitrary scripts that raise or lower the brightness in user-specified increments. If there is some command-line utility that can change the brightness (like brightnessctl on Linux), then you might be able to use AutoHotKey or similar to bind those keys to scripts which change the brightness in your desired increments.

[edit] This utility from Nirsoft might be helpful (along with AutoHotKey as I mentioned earlier). You should be able to hack up a batch script to change the brightness using that utility.

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Thanks, This works! I can’t believe I didn’t try the slider in the power menu. I just assumed it would have the same step sizes as the brightness keys.


Still would be nice to be able to select more options via the keys

It seems adjustable in that I have set the minimum brightnes to 7% via the slider and now I can increment to 17%, 27% etc.