Display Broken?

I think my display seems to be broken, does someone have an idea what might have happened?

The display worked without any issues in the past and yesterday. The laptop did not fall down or anything I remember.

Hi. I had similar issue. Mine was without any visual damage at all, I suspected cable/connector to the panel. Mine was replaced.

Contact support for replacement.

Hello Caspar,

this looks like a hardware damage (in the panal) to me. Like something pinched into the panel at the bottom edge.
You could try reseating the cable but I think it would not help.

But like @ArturasB said, please reach out to Support beforehand.

There’s obviously a crack in the panel near the bottom edge:

These types of damage happen most often by pinching something between the screen and the body of the laptop when closing the lid. Often a thumbdrive or pen or a thick stack of papers, maybe even with a thumbtack.

You can message support, but they’ll likely say that this is customer induced damage. Unless it came that way?

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Okay I had a paper with a thumbtack in my hand yesterday, I must have put it in my laptop I guess.
However the damage was only visible this morning and not yesterday, long after I removed the paper from my laptop. Only after the laptop was rebooted the damage was visible. Any idea why?

Hard to say. Maybe someone else damaged this laptop while you were not using it, like maybe a child or guest in your household. I think you would’ve noticed the damage right away otherwise.